Privacy Policy

This page is designed to inform clients about our policies related to gathering, using and revealing data when clients use our service.

If you choose to use this service, you will agree that we can gather and use your information to provide and improve our service. We commite not to use or share any data of yourself with others as we mentioned in Security Policies:

Gathering and using data

To work efficiently, this application will gather name, emails, list of your Facebook pages and related data such as comments, posts… This information will kept and used in the way we described in Security Policies.

This data is stored in our server while you use our service. When the registration expire, we will have right to remove your data from our servers automatically after 60 days. If you want to stop using our service and delete all data, please contact us, we will do your request in 24 hours.

Facebook application policy

This application need your agreement of your Facebook account to work. You will be prompted about these access rights in the first log in to the application. The application can not work without your permission related to:

Manage pages: Retrieve the list and the access notice on your pages

Publish pages: Reply comments on behalf of sale clerk

Read page mailboxes, pages messaging: Read and reply messages which consumers sent to Facebook page

Business management: Manage business properties


Cookie is used to determine your identify after you log in your account. If you refuse our cookie, you can not log in your account.

Protective wall

We thank for your belief when you provide us your personal data. We are using all technologies to protect your information and data. However, there is no Internet telecommunication method is perfect safe and reliable, we can not ensure perfect security.

Changing security policies

We will inform you when there is any changes about security policies in real time. We hope you check security policies as soon as you receive our announcement to avoid confusion of security policies.


Please contact us as soon as you have any question about our service